Sunday, December 16, 2012

| 16122012 | * What's Education Lead to Future.

Good Morning!
Today I have to woke up early because I've dated mua sixta to Mid Valley.
Woke up early and sleeping late is a very bad idea.
Why watching HK drama? Why? frustrated

Woke up at 830am and get ready.
Meet up mua sixta at grandma's house and she is still sleeping.
Once I reached, got a called from my mum asking me to buy food for them.
What a good timing! I drove out again, to buy foods. 

About 10am, me and my sister went to Mid Valley and I accompanied her to take her breakfast.
OKEH! Education fair is the purpose we went there on SUNDAY.
I hardly hang out to shopping malls on weekend because I feel that's really scary.
The people can walk and bang you like nobody's business which like a boss and I extremely hate it.
I wonder did you experience in people who are sweating and they bang on you and it was like yuckkk! 

Okay back to topic :/

Went to survey all around, asking a lot of questions which wasted a lot of saliva of mine, my sister as well.
I still feeling unwell.
Seriously this thing has been stuck in my mind and always disturbing my mood.
It causes my mood unstable, always worrying of this and that.
Ahhh, tell me what should I do?

Anyway, there are a few university gave me good offer.
But I still feel something which disturbed me, which I cant find out what is that.
I think I still need time, to calm down and think properly.
Why should education related to the future.
I know I studying this course might not be what I work in the future,
this are what people always tell me.
But then why should I consider about my job in future while now I choosing my major?
Ahhhhh! walk away angrily

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