Tuesday, January 1, 2013

| 01012013 | * Brand New Year Wish.

It's the new year, welcome year 2013!
What should I state for my brand new year?
An aim.

In year 2013,
I wish to...

-  Be happy.
- Be more hardworking.
- Be passion in what I do.
- Be healthy: Sleep early, wake early.
- Change my personalities: Not to be shy, be more friendly.
- Try to accept what comes to me, don't blame, don't complain, don't give excuses.
- Update punctually for my blog.
- Earn more in freelance jobs.
- Meet my life partner.

Yeah and that's it, for now.


Kayyy, back to ze topic!
Today, me, PuiYi and KokMing went to have our late late first meal at Sunway Giza, Full House.
That time was 430pm, NO JOKE.
Then, HuiLin met us for tea and we decided to watch movie after her dinner with family.

After our food in Sunway Giza, we went nearby Winter Love to have desserts - Thousand Layer Cake.
Heard PuiYi said it's nice.
GOOD CHOICE. Nice recommend and I pretty dislike the cakes there :/
Maybe that's not what I like :/
I don't want go anymore. PuiYi don't bring me go anymore please, hahaha!

After that, it's about 8pm. We left and to the next stop - Paradigm Mall.
Bought tickets - CZ12.
Actually me and PuiYi already watched but it's really nice and we don't mind to watch it again.
After we bought the tickets, I am desperate to eat BBQ Plaza, I guess I'm addicted!
Woohoo! Crazy me, I wonder why my stomach still have places to store the meat.

Then, movie time!
WOO, although I'm watching the second time, but still feel good and tension for the movie.
OMG this is so damn nice.

After movie, sent HuiLin, KokMing and PuiYi home and I'm home too!
Argh tired.

Good year , Good day , 
Welcome , 2013 .

...:: kellyetan ::...

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Anonymous said...

Hope this new year for you
All your wishes come true
Don't build castles in the air
And do always take care

Happy 2013!