Friday, April 5, 2013

| 05042013 | * 21st Birthday Present from Dabez.

I had 8am class this morning and woke up at 6am in the morning, feel so good :)
I think it's the very first time I see a lot of parking in Taylor's. Hahah!

Good day today, attended a few classes and found it well, I learnt something.
Class ended at 430pm but we still have some questions to discuss, therefore we went to the library.
Stayed up until 530pm, we left. While driving home, I received whatsapp from AiSha asking me out for badminton. I'm very tired, but I guess after exercise I will more energetic, maybe?

I rested half an hour at home, then pick up AiSha to badminton!

- The sweat yet tired face LOL! This is so ugly...........

After badminton, we went to Meenas for satay! Nahh, yamcha and update our life. LOL.
And, I received 21st Birthday present from bitch! Wow, thank you! :)

- A very nice packing with my K.

- With a cute hamburger-look-box and old style letter note.

- A pair of My Diamond earring! Award me as her best listener in her life :D

Thank you so much, bitch! :D


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