Monday, April 1, 2013

| 01042013 | * Fool, No Fool.


Skipped my very first class because everything is not ready yet.
For example timetable, student ID and mood.
Well well,
yes I'm pretty desperate for class!
But it's like lack of something so make me feel imperfect and so,
I skipped :P
But, I went to Taylor's take photo for student ID today.

Then, me and PuiYi went back home and waited for KaiJin.
We went to the Puchong dont-know-where for YongTaoFu.
They said it's nice yet expensive.
I never try before but too bad,
It's closed on Monday!
I guess they're in Monday blue too :D

So, we went to Setia Walk - Padi House Cafe like again.
That's not the worst,
the worst is I'm ordering the exactly same thing with yesterday!
Bwahahahaha laugh die!
Anyway I like their green apple juice without sugar.
It's nice and I pass motion after that.
Fibre, yucks! Healthy me. Hahaha.

Then, sudden plan - Kajang Satay!

Chicken, fish and goat taste good but for duck...
The meat is too.......... "chewy"?
Dont like at all.
I'm not really a satay lover.
Enjoy while on the way to Kajang and the food.

still, we run here and there. 
Sri Petaling Chatime, blablabla.
And spam whatsapp until my phone left no battery -__-"

Duh, then home!
Ready for tomorrow, my first class! 
Wheeeee! :D

April Fool!
But I didnt get fooled today :P


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