Saturday, April 20, 2013

| 20042013 | * Life of Pie ❤

Hi Saturday!
No self capture photo for today because of ugly looking.
Was rushing here and there and busy with assignments.

Went to Klang with Ling today to try to get her annual report for her assignment.
Thanks Chian for leading the road!
Not bad, I still can remember how to go her house, me myself also feel surprised. Ahaha!
But too bad, getting annual report fail x(

Back to Taipan's Coffee Bean for assignment.
Storyboard, Advertising Principle's Activity and a lot a lot more.
Ahhh anyway today tak sempat to finish them,
should continue tomorrow.

7pm, it's very cold in ze Coffee Bean, we decided to leave.
Went to KS's house and we go for dinner in Bangsar!
Yay, KS bring us for yummy meal and desserts.

Last minute gave call to Yaw and he on.
Picked him up and go go go!
Had our dinner at Ben's, 2 pizza and we share.

- Ceaser Pizza.

- English Breakfast Pizza.

Then, let's move to Dip and Dip!
This is the most important part where the purpose to come here!


- Not very heavy chocolate taste, I likes it anyways.

Hmm, the image above.. I not sure it call but, I dislike because it's chocolate, ahahaha!

Broke day, my pockets left coins.
But besides rushing and stress out with assignments, I enjoy great meal.
It's my life of pie.

Thank you!  ❤



Yuh Jiun said...

The dip n dip crepe is a lil too sweet for me though haha :D

Eagle Chou said...

The pizza seems so yummy!Always a pleasure to read your posts!Somethimes I sell runescape accounts to enjoy more fun.