Monday, October 11, 2010

▪ random post.

just came back from IOI dinner with puiyi and nicholas.
happt to meet nicholas because we long time didnt meet already.

a call from teckseang telling us that his car no petrol,
we wish to help but only me and puiyi 2 girls at night and i am worry my parents will call and ask whether where am i and i am a beginner driver and supporse not to out too late and go help at bukit jalil.

but i kinda pity that his car stop on the middle of the road and cant move at all.
end up he walk to the petrol station and done everything himself.
but still i feel bad that i couldnt help him.
i imagine if i was him.
it's really feel so helpless.
and his phone no battery and cant get other friend's number.
some more he cant let his parent know about it.
what should i do?

okay end up we didnt help anything and i sent puiyi home and after that i back home.
it is 9.30pm,
and my car is driving near and near to my house.
and i saw that still no any cars there and no one is back.
at that moment,
i feel so sad.
why is there no one at home,
it is 9.30pm already.
is that i suppose to be alone always?

i really feel so sad.
the first thing i do is looking at the time,
and then look around and in my mind is..
okay, nobody is home.

me, bo happy.
- by kellyetan

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