Friday, October 1, 2010

My Today *\\01.10.2010//*

a very tiring day.
reached home around 5.30pm.
thought want to take a nap.
actually while driving already very sleepy.

but suddenly no electricity.
then suddenly got again.
then suddenly dont have again,
and i smells fuse.
and my sister called and ask me to ask the neighbours.
i walked out and saw my house's fuse burnt.
got smoke!
WTF i am alone at home and the WTF freaking tired.
i shout to the chinese neighbour because malay house no one is there and it is obvious they were out.
i shout auntie! auntie! auntie!
with the sound like raped by people.
and know WTF NO ONE is answering me.
and i am so WTF freaking afraid.

sister is doing fair at klcc with brother they all and only my baba in office.
called and he came back home immediately,
while waiting,
i dont dare to go near the door and i am waiting under the WTF freaking hot sun.
and my heart is WTF freaking burning.

then baba is back with Ah See,
helped to make the stuff.
and im still standing outside there.
they need a dont know what wire and baba went out to get it.
and i am still outside there chatting with the Uncle Sun,
he uses his hot sun shine to talk with me and make me feel so freaking hot and i dont know why he dont wanna back home at that time,
it's already 6 something at that time,
he should go home and sleep and i wanna chat with Auntie Moon.

after everything done,
know what i saw?
the AUNTIE that stay NEXT TO ME,
which means MY NEIGHBOUR,
and i was like WTF.

everything done and i go and get a nap.
i cant sleep!
then i dont know why my baba called me for 3 times,
and then he told me what driver wanna get something.
then continue nap,
ding dong ding dong for few thousand times and i woke up and open the door and the driver really get something to my house.

that time is 8pm and i could not sleep anymore!

more while then,
chian called me and asked me for dinner at subang because YCM is out and it's his brithday tomorrow.
i rejected at first.
and finally i really cant sleep and feel like eatinf bakuteh.
called puiyi and she's going with me.
she drive and ya we did met chian they all also.
then teckseang also come along.
suddenly they decide to go Club 9.
i also suddenly decide to go.
teckseang send puiyi home.

play pool there with chian and YCM.
only won chian once.
how long we didnt play.
i enjoy playing but still very tired.

around 12am,
yilin drove my car and sent me home.
chian they all also follow me home.

- while waiting; hot.

- while waiting.........

- chatting with Uncle Sun.

- chian. (:

- by kellyetan

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