Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Today *\\06.10.2010//*

marketing class cancel.
so our class end at 10am.
early right?

make up and wear contact lens in the toilet with the girls.
we spent quite a lot of time.
know why?
because today we're hanging out with yan!

this is my first time to wear contact lens for so long time.
we went mid valley.
sushi zanmai to eat for our brunch.
we also spent a lot of time chatting there.
besides that,
we went toilet for capturing a lot of pictures.
hugging here and there,
molest here and there as well.

after that walk walk somewhere,
we also headed juice works and buy some drinks,
chatting again.
besides that,
we saw a girl stole laptop and run away.
kinda sad of seeing the scene like this.
a young girl and good looking with dressing appropriately,
never know about that.
is that she really need money until do these kind of thing?
i wonder.

around 5pm,
we left and OMG traffic jam!
went to college and drop chian because her car is there,
went to yilin's house and wait for them to shower.
then around 8.30pm,
we left.
yilin sent me home and overnight my house because i am very tired.
i keep sleeping when im home.
keep sleeping sleeping and sleeping.
until yilin told me she's hungry and im still sleeping.
WTF with me.
but still at the end,
we ate maggie.
hope she wont gastric.
God bless.

after maggie then,

- yilin and me. (:

- chian and me. (:

- yan and me. (:

- chian, yan and me. (:

- four of us. (:

- can see me len? =D

- by kellyetan

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