Monday, October 4, 2010

My Today *\\04.10.2010//*

came college early,
class is 2pm and im here at 9.30am.
find parking for 2 hours,
meaning i get out of car at 11.30am.

went starbucks start revision, facebook, MSN, assignment research and stuffs.
went Jojo to hunt for mua food.
also met up JasonGoh in starbucks and talked about PC stuffs.

class end,
went office get money from baba to buy stuffs.
went home and wait for Jason come and pick my up.
went IOI to buy stuffs.
i bought a laptop cooler fan and also a bag for laptop.
it's kinda cheap,
thanks weih.

after that,
he sent us home and me and puiyi ordered food for dinner.
after that,
rest rest and chat chat and watch drama.
more while then,
she left.

and yeahh my mum back today.
happy to see her,
i miss her so much!

online for a little while then,

- by kellyetan

1 comment :

Arr chiaN said...

actually i dunno wat to comment..!!
jz wan let u know..
i read ur post edi :)
anyway take k la ok??
bkufull ur bag ya!!!
must lock lock nicely ya :)