Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Today *\\16.10.2010//*

went to seang's house and met him up,
went to jeeseng's house,
tot wanted to give him surprise but fail.

picked him up and went sunway pyramid together.
went to wong kok and have lunch together.
then eat cakes and celebrate his birthday,

after that,
went amp square to sing song.
kinda bad quality there.
still prefer redbox.

after that,
seang left at around 8 something night,
we still continue sing.
then went and walk walk,
went to pei chai primary school to met teckseang up again because he's coaching there.
then in car,
thanks to jeeseng made me cry.
he used my frog inside my car to scared me.
and i cried.

my tears as his birthday present.
then we went somewhere ss2 to yamcha.
until around 12am,
we left.

- card for TJS.

- Happy Birthday. (:

- Whatever love you. (:

- see his head. xD

- kell and yi. (:

Happy Birthday TJS!
- by kellyetan

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