Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.10.2010//*

out to college with yilin.
Joan told us that moral class had cancel.
went to eat pock noodles and after that went yilin's house sleep.
because we're all so tired.

until around 1pm,
we left and find parking at college area.
got informed that psychology class had cancel as well.
if we knew that then we dont have to woke up so early larrrrr.

then went sky village to eat,
then ewnt college after 2 hours for advertising class.
unfortunately met Ms. Cheryl and she shouted at us of wearing shorts.
she even ask us to see Ms. Nalena the Head of Programme.
but we are still considering.
at the end they came in and Ms. Wong said out my name and ask me not to wear shorts.
i was like WTF?
at that time,
i dont really have mood.

- by kellyetan

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