Friday, October 1, 2010

▪ random post.

it's been a week.
busy days, tired days.

one week had passed;
1 month had passed as well.

was rushing assignments,
was rushing projects,
was studying for test,
was lazy for online,
even Facebook for a Facebook freak like me.

seriously gonna have a good rest.
seriously tired and feel so not motivated.
not for study but other thing else i guess.
for study i still have motivation to force myself study.

then why am i here to blog?
although my eye is only half way open,
i feel like getting a tooth pick to support my eye weih.

because i feel a little bit down,
i feel lonely,
i feel sad,
i feel unhappy.

- dont ask me why.

" i dont know why." - the implicit attitude.
i got this mood without any any any and any reason.
perhaps i did but well,
i still,
feel like keeping to myself.
because i did not tell ANYONE,

aiiyahhhh whatever lahhh,
who cares?
no matter what i did,
it is wrong;
even i put effort as your friend,
even i care you,
i am still the one who wrong.

i am kinda screw up with friendship sometimes.
not at all but some.
i'm end here.

good night,

- by kellyetan


Arr chiaN said...

wat happened la u!!!
so emo for wattt??
cheers up babe!!!
u r not alone ok??
we all v u ma..
we treat u not good is it??
tell me ma!!!
i slap my self!!
or u wan slap me oso can 1!!!
i let u slap!!
u wan fa xie slap me oso can :)
surely no problem..
cheers up la ok?
u make me down too le..
kiss u <3 mwarks!!!
n hor!! dun think i very fierce to talk to u with !!!!...bcuz i edi used to it le..paiseh..
trying to change nw....:)
smile oways :) :) :)
like this :) or like this XD

Anonymous said...

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