Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Today *\\24.10.2010//*

it's another day of working.
the job is so so so boring.
because no one is there and i can do nothing.
OMG its like whole day wasting my time and learn nothing.

i decided next week not gonna to work and pass the job to other person.
yes i decide!
seriously bored like hack.

same like yesterday,
my sweet daughter puiyi came and accompany me for whole day again.
even lunch and dinner,
toilet and after work.
and today there are special guest come and visit me.
TJS and teckseang!

happy weih.

we eat KFC together when i break.
close friend know i seldom eat fast food.
and these 2 days i've been eating Mc Donalds and KFC.
save money because working.
and save time mah.

another tiring day again.
- by kellyetan

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