Monday, October 11, 2010

▪ random post.

currently im at starbucks.
doing advertising notes.
my class is 12pm but i came out from house at 6.30am.
i know i sounds crazy but somehow i dont know why also.

i just randomly feel like waking up and take breakfast outside and come to study.
perhaps my notes is messy and i cant stand it,
and so i wish to do it nicely and write it nicer.

a very sudden met up jasontan and study together?
but he's too famous and know a lot of people,
he keep going here and there to chat with his friend around.
im still the original me,
sitting here and studying.

wear lens today,
still very tired.
i mean,
more tired.

early in the morning and the flu visit me.
hat-chuuuu for 3 times in the morning and cause my nose blocking now.
i feel so not feeling well.

i feel like going home and rest.
my head is a litle bit heavy and i am very cold.
maybe this starbucks is cold.

now im boring tho,
so im here to blogging about somerandom stuffs.

ciaoz people!
will be update again.

- by kellyetan


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