Sunday, November 4, 2012

| 04112012 | * A Day in Damansara.

Due to yesterday late outing and sleeping late, I woke up at 1130am today and my eye is pretty tired and dry. Actually planned to go for badminton with AiSha but because she jogged in the morning and causes her muscle pain, she off the plan and we decided to go Ikea. I asked ITMC whether they want curry puff so that I can buy for them and they damn steady, the few of them went there by themselves and we meet up to have lunch together. They are Yaw, Andrew and WenHao.

We reached there by 230pm, long queue while going in to parking and also long queue while buying foods. Luckily the gentlemen help me to buy foods, thanks a lot. We enjoyed our lunch happily and we chat a lot, until 430pm, the food finally cleared, because they order a lot. LOL.

Went to Ikano Power Centre, The Curve, and Tesco together. I can hardly believe the boys go Tesco with us, I feel weird. Yet, I feel happy because I dont think guys will go supermarket. I saw miracle, hahaha! Not about what, I always see guys went to supermarket but friends around me, I dont see that. Get what I mean? Uhmm. We spent kinda lots of time in the malls.

About 7pm, we left. Thanks AiSha to sent me home safely. And, thanks for meeting you today :')

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