Sunday, November 18, 2012

| 18112012 | * A Day with Sixta and Her Boyfie.

Hawh! Good afternoon. Once I opened up my eye and it's already 2pm. We really exhaust yesterday. Ant it's rainy day, that's why we sleep so deeply. Kekeke. Then we actually plan to take PanMee as our meal, my sister asked us to join her to eat nasi lemak. So we're okay with it as well. 

So we went to Uptown Village Park Nasi Lemak. Their nasi lemak is very nice! I mean their fried chicken actually. Kekeke. Then, we went to Ikea for a walk. I bought blanket, yay yay! For friends that overnight at my house. Because our house lack of blanket :(

- Saw this lobak in Ikea, kekeke!

Then, we went to Wonder Milk to have a small piece of cupcake and a cup of tea. After that then, sent YiLin home and went to grandmother's house.

830pm, we went to Sunway Giza's Tain Shiang Hui Wei to have our dinner, steamboat. Yea, extremely expensive steamboat. But their soup is delicious and a lot of people telling me it's worth because they are using the natural herbal to cook it. So okay, I think I should just stop complain about it.

1215am, went to LCW's sport centre to play badminton. Wao that is crazy, we're really exhausted!  130am, we went to Kenari's In House Cafe for tea. Then back to home. Oh great, I'm sleeping late today, again.

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