Sunday, November 25, 2012

| 25112012 | * Sunday.

Oh Sunday! Oh hi Sunday! I'm not alone today, glad that :') Went to Mood Recipe do some assignment with PuiYi. Luckily she got no date today :P But we stays in Mood Recipe were boring too, but better than yesterday. I sleep whole day at home and I was like so damn slacking. No no I cant stay home!

We stayed in Mood Recipe from 2pm until now we are still here. But I guess we are leaving soon because I'm sleepy and get bored already. Thanks to my neighbor, they renovation on Sunday early in the morning. I wonder why they choose these kinda timing where I can actually sleep more. Haih, fine fine fine. So that I can go home earlier and shower and get rest early, good idea also?

It's Monday tomorrow and yeaaa I got no class still. But I will come to Mood Recipe also to do assignment. Hohoho! Maybe some self study if they not free to do assignment :/

Ahhhh I'm bored to the max! What should I do now .____. Hopefully tomorrow I will very busy and very stress, I prefer that though :X


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