Thursday, November 15, 2012

| 15112012 | * Outing with Loves.

It's Thursday! As I'd promise, I bring my friends to Kepong for the delicious tomyum steamboat, which is Happy City Steamboat that located opposite of Carrefour. I'm there with PuiYi, TeckSeang, Ronald, Chian, LingXing and Vincent. Wao, finally I met Ronald, like after so long. He's still that handsome. Hahaha!

730pm, we met at Kepong steamboat and it's crowded! So damn a lot of people there. After enjoy our dinner, we went to the nearby famous dessert shop which is K.T.Z Dessert shop. Besides, we met Schumann there. At there, I felt extremely unhappy and angry. My mood is kinda killing me. I wish I could have a knife so that I can stab someone. Even now, I still can get angry of that LANCI-ness. Ish!

Half way of chatting, Schumann suddenly pop out his words, let's go Genting! Yeaa, he always said that but no once is real. So I'm start to take it as a joke. But I still ask friends who follow me car, they were all okay with it. Then, Schumann seems take it serious. So I'm okay with it too. With half an hour time, we finally reached. Blow wind, sit one side and start chatting a lot of stuffs. Taking photos. Wao that feeling is good. How long I never hang out with you guys yea? That time I was thinking, It will be perfect of KaiJin and HuiLin was there too. How I wish you guys were here.

About 3am, we came back from Genting. And we finally home! :)

- I like this side capture man! Hahaha.

- Oh let me introduce, this is my family 


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