Friday, November 16, 2012

| 16112012 | * MidValley.

Oh it's Friday! What plan do you have? Party? Drinking session with friends? Or perhaps a movie? With friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or with family? What plan do I have today? NOTHING.

I have no plans today. Because I'm late to go home yesterday. That's why I sleep until 1pm. And I've missed the badminton session. Arghh! My badminton of ze day. Well, today have an outing with YuanYuan and his sister to MidValley. What we plan is to watch movie - Skyfall. This is a movie which I want to watch so damn badly but the person print the wrong timing tickets for us! Arghhh! No wonder when I collect the movie tickets and I felt something wrong with it. I checked the movie and other stuff but what I didnt check is the time! Why tell me why!? Ishhh. I felt something's wrong. I kept on take out the movie tickets but I didnt realize that. Even when we're waiting the hall number to bright the light for us to walk in. We waited for so long and I was thinking, MidValley, it is impossible to let the audience walk in late. So I wonder why and started to look at the movie ticket's timing. Yeaaaaa, they printed the wrong timing. Luckily they could refund the money for us. Thanks Gawd. But too bad I cant watch my Skyfall T.T

After that, went to Comebuy to chill ourselves. About 530pm, we left. Back to home and rest. 830pm, me and PuiYi went to Chilla Cup, Setia Walk Puchong to do some studies and she wanted to do her assignment there. Who knows I suddenly got a call saying that I have job tomorrow. And there's a lot of interruption between that, this and that this and that. YiLin work with me tomorrow and we have to wake up early in the morning and work for 17 hours in Sepang. 1130pm, we left.

Home, shower and met YiLin in my house. YiLin, PuiYi and me, the 3 of us do mask together :)

Good Night, kell.

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