Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Today *\\02.02.2010//*

what a tiring day again.
guess what?
my class till 6pm and i stay until 9pm at night.
11 something only i leave subang.

was doing some assignment thingy,
guide by my senior again,
that dumb dum.
thankyou again.

around 9pm,
went asia cafe for a cup of tea?
then my sister came and we have dinner together.

and so freaking OMG i slept in class today,
and suddenly got a nightmare and suddenly get shock.
classmates laugh at me.
i was like,
dont know anything.
damn blur.
maybe i damn stress because of many things and also undang thingy.
actually other than these,
love problem caused me feel so sick also.
i got no love but still will think back past as well.
not only past but past past, past past past and past past past past.
nothing much and no worries.

and i damn pissed off,
of people that FLIRT!
damn hate,
is damn freaking hate.
make ownselve like a cheap person only,
flirt everywhere.
go flirt more,
i guarantee at the end you are the one who lose something.

NO FLIRT inside my area.
leave me far, far, far, far, far away.
don't try to make me hate you.
NO sweet talks,
NO fake words,

- kellyetan.

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