Friday, February 19, 2010

My Today *\\19.02.2010//*

owh what a belated post.

darren, my kai kor,
is my whole day driver today!
hang out everywhere for visiting friend's house.
of course we went somewhere to have our breakfast first.
and then went evelyn's house,
continue by sengyew's house,
then jiaye's house...

and then went somewhere and find something eat again,
we've got nothing to do larh.
damn bored.
he also came to my house for few hours already,
for facebook.

at night,
sengyew, joshua, ziyang, zhengyi, kokonn, cheeyang they all came to my house.
for what?
clubbing meeting.
what the..
But not me,
is their meeting.

after that,
me and darren went to joonkit's house visit visit again.
and around 1 something,
i am home and play cards with darren until 3 something,
then he leave lur.
Happy Chinese New Year!!

- the best ever brother. ;)

- by kellyetan

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