Friday, February 5, 2010

My Today *\\05.02.2010//*

class as usual.

stay back for doing assignment with yilin.
she's the only one.

around 3pm,
she went back.
wanna know why i'm not leaving?
because i attend an event in college.
its a Chinese New Year event.

met up jeremy and do assignments together.
then OMG,
i am hungry and cant go out for searching my food.
actually can but i dont like.

after that,
around 5 something i guess?
finally rain stop.
went asia cafe and mum mum with jeremy.
then chat craps for little while.
and then went into college again,
buy tickets.

ohh i didnt mention?
i went the event with jeremy.

we also got goodies bag that consists of shower soap, some facial thingy and stuff.
enjoy the event?
yeaa, i think so?
i am very sleepy!
i know i damn blur just now.
keep dreaming.

i am happy,
and honestly enjoy also.
do you?

around 11.40pm,
my mum pick me up and i'm home.
he is home too.

- goodies bag. and i know my hp camera not clear. xD

- booklet. ;)

- by kellye tan

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