Friday, February 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.02.2010//*

finally hand up our assignment!
skipped one class,
but she mark our attendance because we still rushing the assignment.
she forgive us.
what a last minute assignment.

but a very bad luck chian,
because of pen drive got virus and she need to redo the photoshop again.
i can understand the feeling of..
if that's me,
i sure very, very, very i dont know how to express out the feelings.
guess will no more CNY mood?
that day i redo also,
because of the saving problem,
my mood also like dying already.
she need to redo the whole thing and during CNY some more.

after everything done,
staying at starbucks with baby for a little while,
because im waiting my mami,
and thought going lunch with baby but mami suddenly ask me go with her.
then follow her go this place go that place,
my spirits is coming out already.
tired like hell and like dying dying.

soo sadd eihh.
i miss baby so much.
valentine's day is the same day with CNY.
and i actually dont give a damn at first because i didnt know i will have the chance to have valentine's day this year.
okayy well,
i'm going thailand again.
gonna miss baby badly badly bad-badly!

i dont care,
after i come back,
i wanna go hang out with baby.

miss you.
love you.

Happy Birthday Aquarius Babe Tong Donggiiee!

- by kellye tan

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