Saturday, February 13, 2010

▪ random post.

Just finish cleaning up my study room / my future room.
not totally clean up nar.
around 1 hour only,
how possible i can clean it up.
it is so messy here!

i cant finish cleaning up is because not only my things here,
there's also my sister and my mum's thing.
messy messy!
shoes and documents,
presents and foods,
bags and thin bed.
everything is here.
i dont think here is a study room,
it's just like a store room.

okay fine,
next time people ask me,
i will just answer here is OUR store room.

but after i clean up some of the stuff,
much more better.
*clap for me please*

i found out a lot of stuff that i received N years ago.
such as cards?
and some other things.
a birthday card from tong when i am sixteen.
presents such as bears, bottle, saving box from puiyi, phooiyee, weiyean, joseph, leong, karhoe, honglim.
and also handmade card from joonkit when i am sixteen also.

wow i am so touched.
i keep until now ner.
thankyou weih.
suddenly feel like hugging you guys!

and the books,
too many until like mountain.
i just leave it aside first because i guess no old news paper today?
and also found out some cards that i've made but i never give out,
for joshua, boonkin and my baba.
i dont know why i didnt give it to them,
can i give it now?
because i feel that is very nice and it's like..
one thing one thing go and stick it,
need a lot of time to make it der weih,
you ask me throw it?
i better jump into the sea.
but i just wonder why i never give it out.

and some of my friends,
aisha and joseph,
my besties!
comes back from NS because of CNY!
woo yeahh.
miss you guys lots weih.
enjoy your day.

my dear chian went vietnam liao lur.
i also going thailand tomorrow.
baby is going to grandma's house?
everyone have own events?
have fun and Happy CNY!

i got many events invitation ahh.
i where got so many time?
i still got assignments and tests.
but one thing i must do is hang out with baby after i come back.

and oh well,
he is sleeping now.
wonder what he did last night,
sleep early than me but so tired?
or he purposely make me miss him weih.

am i happy when i am with him?
yes of course.
i beg some of my friend sure will think about,
am i really love him and did i really let go?
but my answer is yes, i do.
and i also believes that my relationship will goes more happier than the past.

my dears;babes,
dont blame me if we're too sticky,
i cherish every moment when i am with him.
but also,
i love you guys, darlings, dears and babes too!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Birthday Dear Babe Eileen!

- by kellye tan

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