Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Today *\\04.02.2010//*


just back from college.
owh what a tiring day again.

woke up damn late today and left my files and notes everything at house.
luckily english test today,
so dont need all the notes and stuff,
met up jonathan for a while,
then went stationary shop buy test pad.

then go for classes.
today is so damn tired.
i got no mood to study anything.
my brain is not functioning at all today.
mass comm, english test, malaysian studies and DIE.
there's no any subject i pay attention.

english test,
i do until sleep.
my brain really not functioning,
very sleepy.
one hour test and i slept for half an hour.
and yes,
i guess i cant score good result,
but hope can pass.

after classes,
cause finish the chapter and we end early.
talk some craps while waiting.
and heavy rain.
around 10 minutes,
i leave college and now i am home.

one word to describe my today,
not because of what but because today whole day like doing nothing.
brain is not functioning.
damn damn damn sleepy.

very tired.
guess wanna go and get some rest.

and one thing,
people around me,
they thought somebody is flirting at me.
what i mean NO FLIRT, HATE FLIRT those stuff,
i mean i dislike flirting people,
so overall,
i hate flirt.

maybe you might not flirting at me,
but i know what's the purpose you flirt.
don't feel that's fun,
but you're damn CHEAP.
nobody wants you.
i'm waiting people to f*** you.

end of my bloggiieee today.

- by kellye tan

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