Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Today *\\03.02.2010//*

end of wednesday again.
class as usual.
and after class,
went Jojo Pan Mee for our lunch,
i mean with my dears,
Yilin, Chian and Joyi.

after that,
went to the lab and do our photoshop.
and OMG,
my picture i so damn many people.
and i only left around 10 days to finish it up.
then i choose another one,
very very very easy.
guess i wont get high marks.
it's only a bride inside that picture.

after that,
around 6pm,
lab closed and we left.
i stayed inside college until around 7.30pm,
because of no one fetching me and probably because of the traffic also.
and rain some more.

thanks to my dearest sister,
she pick me up.
and around 8.30pm,
i reached home.
try to install the photoshop but i couldn't.
dont know why.

and tomorrow i've got a test,
english test.
OMG bless me kayy?

- by kellye tan

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