Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.02.2010//*

today is catholic high session.
the first station is at my house at around 4pm.
puiyi, ronald, alvin and continue by teckseang came.
play cards, watch movies blablabla.

then all of them waiting for ME to take bath.
around 8pm,
we all sit puiyi's baba car to her house,
we're like sandwich in the car and luckily we're not eaten by anyone.

reached puiyi's house and her mum ready dinner for us.

after dinner,
play cards and so on again,
and before i leave,
photo session!

then went yamcha with joshua for a little while,
then back home.

- dinner.

- yaaaaaaam senggggg session. :)

- okay this is the first shot.

- what a nice shot!

- here's a short lame type of yamseng to show you guys but it's upside down because i dont know how t rotate it. :)

love you guys now and always.

- by kellyetan

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