Tuesday, February 23, 2010

▪ random post on 23.02.2010

Life is getting busier and busier.
I was thought college life is much more better than secondary but it is not.
college life is much more busier than secondary life.

In this chinese new year,
i dont really have new year mood because of a lot of things need to hand up after chinese new year.
And yes,
finally i've done with my mass communication test today.
But more and more is coming,
it's not time to rest.
This week,
i will have english homework need to pass up,
i will have some work about mass communication need to hand up.

These two things bothered me in my mind and never let me rest at all.
And my sister and mother is like keeping on want me to go for dinners and stuff.
I guess they never seen me so busy before is it?
Busy until like,
it's so awkward to see me not going dinner and all the places.
Because for the past years i always nagging and wanted to go.
But these days,
i dont feel like going anywhere.
I only feel like either staying at home,
or staying in college,
just to do my college stuff.

And before i left college just now,
D.I.E lecturer suddenly gives us work again.
She asked us to have presentation for our assignment on coming Thursday.
Oh my God,
Thursday again!

I might going dinner later again.
And i will come back at around 11pm?
Probably, i think?
And then i need to shower, do the english stuff.
Basically i need to transform into owl tonight, again.

And then the same thing tomorrow i need to stay up my mind and do the mass communication work and presentation.
And these days,
i seriously realize that i've been keep splitting rude words, and my friends around me do the same thing.
Is it a human stress will do something like this?
I dont know but i hope you guys dont mind about that.
Please just ignore me if i said that or if i ever offended,
i am just tired and i am just stress.
What i need is to relax myself a bit,
to control myself a bit,
and to have a peaceful mind.
I dont like to hear the world always noisy noisy and it is so annoying.
Everywhere is so noisy and even my house.
Sometimes the family member talking so loud is like worry people cannot hear or like arguing something.
I hate that.
Stop! Please.
Dont do these kind of stuff in front of me.
Sometimes i do noisy, but sometimes i dont.
I need to be quiet sometimes.
It is so noisy everywhere around the world.

perhaps Friday only i will update my Chinese New Year posts and other stuff.
Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.
Because i need blog to help me to release stress and some unhappiness things.
Thanks a lot, reader.
Thanks a lot, my bloggiiee.

by kellye tan


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

kellye tan said...

reply- sure, mind to share me your blog address? :)