Monday, June 11, 2012

| 11062012 | * Grandmother is Priority.

Hey! Hot day, so so hot. Even Im wearing singlet and shorts but still, Im sweating. WTF. Well, Im just too bored. Sleeping ze whole day like pig. Got a job for me which is RM130 per day but I couldn't work T.T Looking all the jobs, getting news from friends who ask me work with them and I couldn't, feel so sad :( But yeah I understand, family is the most important. I should put them as my priority. That's why I rejected all the jobs. Hope my grandmother get well soon, so that we can do what we want to do :)

And yeah, its about 3am again and Im here jet lagging LOL. Monitoring my grandmother. She's getting better and will be fine very soon. Thanks to friends that concern about my grandmother yea. I give you all one lob lob 

After living in grandmother's house and taking care of her here, I feel like Chinese New Year. Cause usually we had our reunion dinner here, in the past. But slowly, grandmother is getting weak and we always had our dinner in restaurant. In these period, I feel warm. Because the cousins will come and visit grandmother and we're all gather together here. I can feel the love is in the air. But, the only thing is.. Not everyone think this way. Maybe some of the people dont like it. They dont feel the caring. Somehow I wonder why they can live well and sleep well without giving love and cares to the elders. I wonder how, and I wonder why. Its weird. 

They will bully us which is younger than them. But when there is elder people or outsiders, they tend to keep quiet and act like how much they care. But as I said before in my previous post, I told my grandmother, we will not let people bully us. We will stay strong and protect ourselves!

Love, kell.

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