Friday, June 1, 2012

| 01062012 | * Work Day IV

Well well, it's day 4. I have a bunch of friends eating with me today. You can pretty feel that I'm damn enjoying my job. But too bad, it's last day. Actually not last day but I couldn't continue working and somebody replace me. I bet there must be a women missing me badly. Hohoho.

Well, Ronald came back and have to leave tomorrow. I have to meet him up and eat with him, drink with him. So I spent 2 of my break time with him in Sunway Pyramid. Even we went to Dragon-I for dinner. WTH, that tooks away my 2 hours of working salary weih -.-"

Then, back to work. Until 10pm. Went to hospital visit grandmother together with Puiyi and mua mum. Then, dropped my mum home and we both fly to Beer Factory to meet up Ronald and Alvin. We only spent like 20 minutes there to finish up the shooters, then we left -.-" Ronald is really rush. Then sent Puiyi home and went home to pack for tomorrow's treasure hunt! Owyeah!

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