Thursday, May 31, 2012

| 31052012 | * Work Day III

Its day 3. Im still enjoying working. Time passed very fast today :) Had 2 meals of Chicken Rice today because I have no idea where to eat. So sick of thikng where to eat everyday. I wonder how the full time workers here, are they suffer of thinking what to eat? Hahaha!

Well, actually I got nothing much to blog about. Just to keep my blog alive. Hahaha. Tomorrow mught be my last day of working because Saturday and Sunday I am going to treasure hunt! Ahh wasted! I love this job so much! Couldnt work until Sunday, wasted wates! Arghhh! :( Honestly, a little bit of sad that tomorrow is my last day. Because I really enjoy working in familiar environment, freedom which is can eat anytime that you like, you can sit if you're tired, but on ze floor, better than nothing LOL. And people there are nice. Most importantly, my supervisor is nice and good, she's really being nice to us. And not working alone but with YiLin, at least I can talk to someone when I am bored. And living her house like nobody's bsuiness :D So yeaaa im really enjoying :)

- somebody think this is colorful LOL.

Feel thankful to YiLin cooking food for me this morning, its delicious. And I bought The Magic from Popular Book and Music Fair in Orange Concourse Sunway Pyramid during my break time and the book was recommended by AiSha. Hope it can cheer me and motivate me daily Believe :D Yeaaa that's all, good night peeps!

Love, kell.

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