Wednesday, May 9, 2012

| 09052012 | * Dinner in Khuntai Restaurant.

Hi! I'm finally back to blog! Teehee i'm waiting for today like 12345678 days. Okay la not too over, since February T.T I didnt even posted about my birthday T.T

Well now i've a lot of time! 3 months time. Short but not short, long but not long. Actually i've plan what to do already so i'm not really wasting my time. I have a lot of things need to do LOL.

Okay back to ze topic! Woke up at 11am and get ready, went to grandmother house with mua sixta. Cooked for her, accompanied her because she's always alone at home. And, she's old. We have to spend more time with her =/

Until 410pm, we finally left and back to home. Rushing to shower and get ready because I've dinner with the college mates and lecturer, Mr Khairul. Met them up in SS15 Subang at 610pm and waited for Mr Khairul. Together in one car, let's go! Ohyeaaa, the few of us- me, YiLin, HuiBin, Gary and ze lecturer.

outfit to dinner!

- YiLin and me.

- Gary and me.

Explored new place that HuiBin brought us there, Khuntai Restaurant! Thai food! Yumyum, thanks HuiBin to be ze driver and brought us there and enjoyed nice food! Teeheee.

What we order?

Belacan kangkung 


lemon steamed fish is love!

seafood tomyum is love too!

thai dessert is okay okay only .__.

Then comes Group Photos

Khunthai Restaurant

6, Jalan Petaling Garden, 
Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-77817523

Click here for location map


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