Monday, May 7, 2012

| 07052012 | * Finals are Finally End!

Have my last paper today which is Creative Communication. And its kinda difficult to me. Spent like 2 days to study and still not stable one LOL. Since Saturday already start studying, Sunday only slept for 2 hours and went to college to met my friends up and continue studying. But the paper is serious shit difficult, hopefully I can pass :(

After exam, everyone go home and sleep cause we never sleep well since the first day of finals x) Until at night, we go out for celebrations! Title of event- But Zui Mou Guai! I'm not driving so imma drink more teehee :D Went to beer factory in Setia Walk. Kinda lots of people joined this event. They are, Chian, YiLin, HuiBin, PeiJuan, Caryn, Jack, Gary, JiaJun, Ian, JustinFoong and his girlfee. Alot yeaaaa? :D Our table have 5 shooter which is like 60 cups of shooter? Damn cool weihhh hahahaha.

Yup imma slightly drunk I think, but yeaa still enjoy with them playing games and chatting. We're finally free and some of them are graduating T_T Hope next time can come out have a drink like this also :D

We left Beer Factory at around 2 something or 3? Im not sure because Im in blur case already. Then next stop is mamak with Jack, YiLin and HuiBin. I didnt know i ordered Fried Kuey Teow until the Fired Kuey Teow is placed in front of me and Im eating it, that's the most funny thing! LOL.

- drunker.

We're home at around 4 something in the middle of night, and start sleeping :D

Love, kell.

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