Monday, May 28, 2012

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Hello everybody! See, I'm hardworking blogging right? Haha! Nahhh, it's my interest of doing this, my pleasure :D Well, i'm awakened by my mom's shouting. I dont know why is she shouting early in ze morning, her sound is much more powerful than my alarm which is Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. It's so noisy but her sound is much more noisier than that. Hahahaha. She's shouting at me, ask me go to grandmother's house and I was like WTH? Yesterday she is the one telling me that i'm staying at home. Then I was like shouting at her, yesterday you said dont have to go and today you give me suddenly plan. Then she didnt wake me up anymore.

But you know, people will get guilty, just because of I shouted at her. And I probably already wake and couldnt get back to sleep again. Besides, I'm thinking about coming freelance job and will not have time to visit my grandmother. So I decided to wake up, talked to my mum.

After my brunch that cooked by my mom, packed and get ready and went to the office because she wants to do something a while. Then switch driver which is ME driving to grandmother's house. Because you know, the women, which is my mom, she's a very busy person. You cant imagine how busy she is until you see it. LOL.

Reached grandmother's house and heard some stories about her from my brother and sister. As we can see, she is very weak. Even she is talking to us half way she can fall asleep. She got no energy and she fell down twice in a day, yesterday. We were worried, very very worried about her. We sent her to Tung Shin Hospital which in Jalan Pudu to visit a China doctor. At the same time, me and mua sixta visit the doctor as well. Because mua sixta is weak as well, and my menstrual cycle period is not constant and my digestive system have problem. That's why i'm fat I think, I used to think that way -.-"

After visiting the doctor, although she didnt eat any medicine yet. But her appetite is getting better, she eat more rice and vegetables. Me and mua sixta ordered Domino's Pizza she also wanted to try some. When we asked her: "Do you still want?" She said no but her finger is still taking from the bowl. I saw that scene, I smile :) Because I'm happy that I see her having appetite and start to eat more. She starts to chat a lot and smile. In the morning, she is so weak and her facing expression is totally let people worried. Compare to after visiting the doctor, she is totally different. I hope she maintain like this and keep on going and getting better and better. I talked to mua sixta about The Secret, The Magic, and we should start thinking positive. 2 is better than 1, me and mua sixta, 2 person's positive must be stronger than my grandmother's negative thinking. So we should think positive, we must believe :)

Around 7pm, my uncle came to grandmother's house. We got shift one you know LOL. His turn to take care of grandmother. Then me and mua sixta went to Mid Valley to buy some needs for my grandmother. We bought wheel chair as well just to in case she need it. Then she sent me home and she overnight at grandmother's house. I'm fully exhaust. Although tired, but I fulfill my time for my family especially my beloved grandmother. Pray that she's getting better, healthier. People who dont know to cherish her, let it be. They will get old and they will face the same thing. That time they will know what happens to them. My grandmother, don't worry about us, dont worry about we got not enough money to use, dont worry about we will get bully by others. We've grown up now and we know how to earn money, we have savings, nobody can bully us, you know? Dont worry about us, take care of yourself and eat more. I feel unhappy when you worry at people bullying us.

Alright, I'm really writing an essay here. But these are what I wanted to tell out and nobody would willing listen to me. And I think it is not good to talk about these with mua family LOL.

- Doctor's handwriting.

Good Night all, Imma gonna work tomorrow.

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