Friday, May 18, 2012

| R4ND0M | * Results Out!

Here comes my result. At the very first semester, I took 5 subjects and easily passed. Perhaps the lecturers helped us out because we are just juniors. Well, now comes to the seniors stage and took 5 subjects. Our semester is like never stop. In the past, usually March are busy and April start relaxing. But in this semester, from the beginning of semester and we busy until end of the semester, even until the semester break, we are still doing assignments. Well, in this semester, I pay a lot of effort on it. I study really hard and try to pass all subjects just because I want take another 2 final subject easily. I wanna graduate. And thanks God, thanks for everything. Thanks for giving me support to complete all the assignments and projects well, although I had face some hard time and difficulties, but still I manage to complete all the tasks. Thanks for everything. I appreciate a lot a lot.

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