Tuesday, May 29, 2012

| 29052012 | * Work Day I

Hi today. Its 1218am. Im currently blogging in YiLin's house. Yeah its another roadshow which is Moms and Juniors' fair in Sunway Pyramid and i'm working with YiLin, selling Novalac milk power which can soften the kid's stool to prevent constipation. Its not a famous brand but from the customer feedback, it is useful. So i guess it is a good product :) Well, i'm enjoying my job today because its a roadshow, time pass very fast and dont have to break with the time that they set for us, it is flexible. We can choose our break time when we about to getting hungry. It's not strict, still enjoying and have fun, except the annoying kids.  

- My break time meal.

Besides, got a bad news from mua sixta saying that my grandmother fell down this morning. I'm worried and try to find replacement but I cant make it seriously. My mood is actually quite down, right now. Just because i'm worried. My grandmother is currently in Assunta Hospital and need injection to control her pain. I thought yesterday was just a good beginning because she start eating a lot but today what I got is this bad news. I'm very worry about her, how I wish I have car right now and can driver over there and visit her. I wonder how is she right now, I wonder what is in her mind? Is that she is thinking something negative? Can I be there to cheer her up? Can I be there to show her the support? I hope she didnt think much, I hope she's doing well, I hope everything is fine. These are what in my mind, right now. I miss her so much. She will be good, I pray. Hope she were blessed. Take care, my beloved grandmother, we are here for you.

Love, kell.

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