Sunday, May 20, 2012

| 20052012 | * Melacca with Dabez Day I.

After so long of planning, we Dabez finally got a trip to Melacca. As usual, we come out with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D until Plan Z. LOL. Like we've planned to Thailand, Singapore, Cameron Highland, Genting Highland and more and more. Final decision, Melacca. We're getting excited few days before the trip. So, let's begin the stories as the photos shown below will do the speaking.


- The bag packs :D

- What we need is parking tickets.

- We take turns to drive :D

- Speeeeeed 160km/h.

- IPad keep us update :D

- I need sun block to prevent me from getting dark.

- Camwhore around, what girls usually will do :p

- Chicken rice ball in Chung Wah Kopitiam.

- Satay celup in Capitol for dinner.

- Shopping is a must and finally bought mua slippers.

- Thousand Layer Cake in Nadeje in Mahkota for tea time.

- ze Dabez.

- Yeeen Wohhh (bird nest) mask before sleep.

- And rest! Good night!

Loves, kell.

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