Wednesday, May 30, 2012

| 30052012 | * Work Day II

It's another day of working! Due to the reason of crowded kids yesterday, we got no more balloon stick. So we couldnt spend much time on bloeing balloon. And yeaaaa, today was quiet. Perhaps its rainy days and people would choose to stay at home and hide inside the blanket which i wish i can do the same thing T.T
Today was good, having ling to accompanird me for my 2 break time. The first meal was in Chicken Rice Shop and the second meal was in Shilin. Having people to eat with, the food is much more delicious than eating alone. Hahaha!

Well, i snaked earlier, i left my job to YiLin at 9pm because i got free premiere screening from Nuffnang! Teehee, i wanna watch Piranha 3DD so so badly and know what, free popcorn from TGV Cinema somemore! Wow this is so cool! So yeaaaa i have to go i have to go and i must go i must go! Its in Sunway Pyramid! Thanks YiLin! Hohoho, im watching with AiSha, PuiYi and TeckSeang, yoohoo :D

Movie have cut a lot of part and it probably shown only an hour. Movie ended at 1030pm and we decided to yamchaaaaa! In Station One nearby. And yeahhh im blogging in Station One using IPad actually. Hahaha! That's all for today! Buhhbaiiz! :)

Love, kell.

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