Tuesday, May 22, 2012

| 22052012 | * Working for Windows Microsoft.

Well, got a called while I'm in Melacca saying that needed 2 girls for work in University Malaya. And it's a fun job, yeaaaa! University Malaya is a big and huge school for me -.- Even we get lost in there. Luckily we saw the Microsoft booth there, or else we really need to make a call and ask whether where is the place LOL! We spent an hour to find the place weihh, fuhhh!

- see the map! -.-

- before work.

- the booth.

- while waiting for supervisor.

- gift from them: Cut The Rope! 

After work, we went to Kepong for steamboat. Too bad PuiYi couldnt join us because she's rushing assignments. But she wants to eat badly, so next time we'll go again :)

After dinner, we 2 used to be home late these days. And we went to Ikano Power Center, The Curve, Ikea. LOL! For jalan jalan and spend time. We're getting hyper and hyper. Being enthusiasm to the worker of WWF there and have jokes with them and leave message to the WWF.


Besides, enjoy the RM1.00 ice cream in Ikea.

Great Day!

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