Thursday, May 17, 2012

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This is ze updates for 4 days continuously, working days from 14th of May 2012 until 17th of May 2012. Working as Biore face cleanser in Subang Carrefour.

Day I

The supervisor late for 2 hours and I slept in car until he came. The salary is still the same, workers there are not really friendly to me yet, perhaps because I'm new. Had RasaMas for my break time an it cost me RM12.90. Luckily I have voucher and I only need to pay RM2.90.

Day II

I dont wish to continue the job because I know I couldnt sell face wash well. At first I thought it was Brands Chicken Essence job. Because it already has the market and I dont need to push so hard for work. But the supervisor doesnt allow me to find replacement. But after discussing, he added extra salary for me. So I have to bear with it. Anyhow, today the workers there seems much more friendly than yesterday.


Keep on telling myself, this job is going to end soon. I sell nothing in these 3 days and the full time worker of Kao's company does not like me at all. Perhaps I sell nothing and she dont have commission. But I dont give a damn because I dont have any commission and I am working on product which I dislike. But it's okay, everything is going to end soon. One more day and bear with it.

Day IV

I'm smiling? Yes I am smiling. Because it is the last day and finally. I am strong and tough, environment forces me to be more stronger and tougher and more independent. Finally complete the 4 days job. And the supervisor gave me extra RM10. LOL. Meal in food court, not cheaper than Station Kopitiam, added extra RM0.50 but the ingredients are full and much more delicious. 

Thanks to the dears and darlings, PuiYi, TeckSeang and Aisha. For being driver sending me to work and picking me back from work. Too bad Subang Carrefour need to charge the parking now. Or else I'll never annoy you guys. But, hard things tried how consistent our friendship is. I can see you guys are truly help me out. Accompanied me yamcha after work because of the stress during working for no reason, the unhappy things that making me couldnt sleep. Thanks guys. And never forget, YiLin as well. Although we not working the same thing but it's near, and walking forward me and talk to me so that time passed even faster than usual it should be. Thanks peeps 

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