Saturday, June 16, 2012

| 16062012 | * A Day with Dabez.

"Kellye!" A sexy sound wakes me up early in ze morning, which sound out from AiSha. Open the door for her and she leave me. LOL. She went home. Then I teruuuuus tidur (continue sleep) until 1215pm. Then quickly wake up and get ready. Luckily AiSha extend the time to reach my house so that I can slowly make up and all that. Figure below is the after make up, tried my new maybelline eye liner, nice!

Me and AiSha went to Ampang for korean food, together with mua sixta and her boyfee's family. I am shy, hohoho. The name of restaurant, Meureung Dowon Korean Restaurant. The service is terribly bad and the food does not taste good. I didnt even get the chance to try their kimchi. Arhhhh! Maybe we are Groupon buyer, that's why they treat us so bad, maybe.. maybe.

Besides, we are not full. Actually I'm full because drinking a lot of water and 2 tiny cups of soju. Then, we left. Accompany AiSha to TARC to take her things. During the time, I know their studio password, ngekz ngekz. LOL!

Then, she fetch me home to take my stuffs. Then we went to IOI Mall for gaigai and makan. Went to Mc Donald's, she has her burger, I have my Mc Flurry Oreo. Then walk walk and back her house at around 630pm. Online and update few posts of blog.

930pm, went to picked up YingHong and yamcha in Old Town Sri Sentosa. We chat alot until 12am, then left and thanks to dropped me home. Teehee.

Loves, kell.

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A I S H A said...

Is UTAR, not TARC...... How can you forgettttt, hahahahaah!! *jkjk*