Tuesday, June 26, 2012

| 26062012 | * Super Duper Tiring Day.

Wow, I'm freaking tired today! I was disturbed a few times while sleeping, poor me. At the end I decided not to sleep because I'm getting angry of keep waking up. Haihs.

The nurse came at 8am and I thought I could sleep at that timing. Who knows mua grandmother doesn't allow me to sleeeeep. Perhaps simply because she want somebody close to her to accompany her, so yeaaa I was with her until 9am and then, I told her I go to sleep, finally she nodded her head. Thanks God!

About 945am, nurse wake me up because she need the medicine for mua grandmother and she dont know where is it. So called mua uncle and asked him whether where is that medicine and I find it for ze nurse. Then, I went to the bed again. About 10 plus, I heard my dad and grandmother shouting my name and I woke up with blur case again. I thought I've already text my dad telling him dont have to come over here and buy us breakfast because mua uncle has bought breakfast for us. Ahhhhh, who knows he didnt notice his phone. Anyway, thanks for ze breakfast. I am tired! Back to the bed again then, more while the nurse woke me up again because suddenly there are 2 female doctor need to check up for my grandmother's situation. Why no one tell me about that T.T I'm really disturbed a lot of times.

Then, I managed to slept for an hour and mua sister came and kinda noisy. Then, I decided to woke up had my meal. Shower and rest in the living room, only rest. Then after that, I went to ze hospital and I thought I could rest there, who knows my mum kinda need help for this and that. I am pretty tired today. End up, I back to home and went to bed on 1am, good night!

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