Sunday, June 24, 2012

| 24062012 | * My Meal.

Fuuuu! Nothing to eat today. I have to cook muaself. Cooking a meal that learnt from YiLin. Easy, fast, yummy. Anyway, thanks for teaching me that method. Hahaha. At least it overcome my problem of getting hunger.

Nahh, its not as yummy as YiLin cook, because she is a pro of cooking this. She used to cook this, she said. Everytime she's eating this taste. This is what she told meeeeeee! Hahaha.

Today I'm sad. I cried. My heart feel so pain. Not because of LOVE of course. I'm strong for that, I guess. It's because my mum. I'm unhappy because I feel that she dont know how to think, for us. I dont wanna talk much here because I wanna keep it for myself. But that's a thing I will never forget, because it makes me worry to the max, sad to the max and cry for several times in a day. I should be more cheerful, sometimes.

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