Wednesday, June 13, 2012

| 13062012 | * Alcohols.

It's about 5 days. Still, I need alcohol. Nahh, actually they already said have to finish another 7 bottle of Tiger in Little Bali. Have beer, have Kellye. LOL. So yup, I attend. And thanks to AiSha accompanied me to attend as well. A chance to let her know more boy friends. LOL.

After ready everything in grandmother's house. Dropped mua sixta off at home at around 930pm. Then picked AiSha up and meet up the guys in Little Bali. They are Yaw, Fei, WenHao, YCM, KS, Andrew, Ellane and Sheng. So yumcha as usual, play cards and beer. Then they suddenly damn high, wanna go for another round which is someone's house to have Cordon Bleu. Sponsored by Ellane. Thanks lady boss! So yeah, buy ice, bring all the high class glass so that the taste would be better? Meet up in Fei's house. Then looking at Andrew playing magic for us to see, I laugh out loud. You really entertained me, Andrew :) Then, we play cards and drink. I only drink a little due to the reason of being a driver and have to on call taking care of mua grandmother.

1230am, left and dropped AiSha home. Then picked up mua sixta and went to grandmother's house. Thankyou for giving me a bunch of caring friends. Thankyou for giving me a heart that can sense the feeling of happiness and unhappiness, thankyou :)

actually sometimes i was thinking,
why would this happened?
i keep on recall back what you've told me,
i keep on recall back what you've promised me,
i keep on recall back your face expression when you look at me,
your eyes; your smile.
why would these leave me away?
i thought i've told you im serious,
i thought i've told you about me.
why are you treating me like this?

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