Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Say hello to the magic. It's the header of my blog post. Nahh, just a starting for my blog post. Read this book yesterday or you can considered it as this early midnight morning. WTH. And I suppose to start my Day 1 tomorrow but I did not. Due to some reason?

Well let's share? Or shouldn't I share? Type of job I want to do is maybe a planning of an event. Perhaps I've addicted to the Grand Millennium's job in KL. Yes I admit I really did. I feel fun. So yeah, I would want to be a event planner that can in charge of all. I plan, I schedule, I manage, I come out with whole thing. But of course, I need a team of members to give me ideas, discussing, meetings. That would be fun.

How I want to feel my job? Fun, enjoy, relaxing, happy, creative, the feeling of success once I've done the project. That would be cool right? The type of company I want to work for? Of course friendly and nice, I want the table like Korea SBS. Something like an area and the next seat will be another person. I think this might be cool for me to chat with friends. Aaaaha!

The kind of people I wanna work with would be friendly and close friends. Its the best if we had the same mission and vision. The same ideas and thinking so that we would not argue if we discussing about some ideas. People that I wanna work with is better easy to communicate and kind heart. Most importantly do not bully me :P Hours I want to work should be 6 to 7 hours will be fine? Maybe 11 to 7pm. But I believe office hours will not have this kind of timing. Maybe 9-5pm will be fine. If the job that I work are happy, 10 hours would not be a problem to me. Salary I want to receive? Wao, the magic! LOL. I dont wanna announce here =x

Okeh! Dine mission of thinking all of these. Back to my life. Nah, now my face.

It's worst than worst. Not that I old already T.T It's the editing effects show like I getting older =/ And yeah, driving Ford Fiesta for few days. Seriously waste petrol. I see the petrol dropped like open the tangki water like that LOL. But I feel very wai shui when I drive that car. Hahahahaha!

And finally, I got the chance to eat Tutti Frutti! Have been craving for desserts after so long. I got no chance to get out of grandmother's house. And every night stay awake and sleep at day time. I dont even have the chance to go shopping mall. I feel sleepy -.- 

Today I have to be my sister's driver. So I can eat Tutti Frutti with her! Feel better and happier. Teehee! Thankyou :)

Night time, went to Pasar Malam with AiSha, to have mua dinner there. Then went home. Hohoho. There's too much of imagination. But I hope it happen. I hope.

Blogged, kell.

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