Monday, June 4, 2012

| 04062012 | * Work Day I

It's first day of working in Grand Millennium Hotel in KL. Actually i'm not suppose to take the job anymore but because of some reason, I have to. But yeahh, this job is pretty enjoy and fun. I really enjoy alot. We have free meal from the hotel, buffet, real coffee bean's coffee, tea and many more. We're working as usher. Yup, have a lot fun. Asked YiLin to join me for this job because no one else is free. Haha. But mainly, thanks to Wendy and AiSha so that I have the chance to take this job.

It's my tiring day. Because I slept on 515am in ze morning and I woke up at around 8 something to settle my stuff with Wendy. It's kinda tiring. I'm pretty serious on my job today. I can feel that, I did something rapidly. LOL. A lot of foreigner we have to face them. They are handsome! Because they have blue eyes, sharp nose. Ahh, killing me. Today we end our job late, but ze boss added salary for us. Thankyou!

After work, went to grandmother's house to visit her together with YiLin. Will continue working tomorrow because.. I pretty love the job :)

- tired face.

- while working.

- the registration booth and tags.

- meal time :)

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