Saturday, June 23, 2012

| 23062012 | * Congratulations.

Went to pay a visit for mua mum. The hospital is freaking noisy because of the construction. The construction is just one level below and I can feel the drill when they drilling on the ceiling which is our floor like so damn close serious shit like nobody's business, even the nurse also get shocked. How the patient rest like this? So we request to change the room to new wing single room, that's best. Well, my mum is getting better compared to yesterday. Hopefully she's getting better and better. Everything need time to recover.

530pm, I left from hospital and back to home. Get a quick shower and get ready, then picked up AhLek and WenHao. Then parked my car at KS's house, bump into his car and he bring us to Klang to attend Chian's brother wedding dinner buffet in her house. Grabbed some food to fill our stomach. But most importantly, congratulations Chian's brother! Wishing you happy always with your wife yea, stay lovely 

After that, went to yamcha in Sri Petaling In House Cafe. Suddenly I'm craving for Egg Tart. Hahaha, so yeaaa I ordered and nom nom nom its inside my stomach. Of course the taste is just so so and not as delicious as Tong Kei. But, I'm satisfied. Then, we leave like kinda late. Thanks for KS be ze driver, then sent WenHao and AhLek back, and sent muaself back to home.

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