Friday, June 8, 2012

| 08062012 | * End of Story.

Last day of working in Grand Millenium Hotel which stated in Kuala Lumpur, with the friendly guys, with 4 days of team work. Although we did nothing much, but I can feel the happiness of ding something for them, in that event. Working there, listening they said a few times of break up room and I wonder why calling the room as break up room. Sensitive words for me, it's been a month of not meeting each other and never contact each other at all for today. I actually having a hint before that, I know what will come at last, I know what is going to happen. I don't wanna suffer, I don't wanna waste time. Yea, we break up, today. Without question, without retain and leave like dramatically ending of story.

After one and half years of waiting a person. Unbelievable, I fell in love with another guy, crash too fast and start too fast. Simple quote that easy to be understand, easy come and easy go. That's what I mean. I am no longer a heart breaker anymore. On the other hand, I easily take things too serious which friends advice me better not to. But too bad, its not under my control. Unfortunately, he's just a passer by. Unfortunately unfortunately and unfortunately, I was here thinking of that and people actually were happy-ing out there. People don't care, why do I? Unfortunately, cannot be control, just because Im too serious in it.

I should have let go. Wonder it should be how long? Although short timing, but the feeling is too real and too many of imagining for the future. But things does not happen like how I imagine, sigh. Anyhow, thank you thank you and thank you. Be grateful, at least I have the chance of being in relationship for a month. At least I have the chance to be proud to tell people that 'I have a boyfriend', for a month. Thank you :)

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