Tuesday, June 5, 2012

| 05062012 | * Work Day II

Hello! Its day two of working in Grand Millennium Hotel in KL. Surprisingly, yeah? I thought I stop working today but I tried to convince my mum because this job is really great! I'm enjoying a lot. 

I know it's bad to work as freelance but honestly, I couldnt find any replacement and I also tend to continue working. I believe my grandmother will be alright. My phone is fully charged and stand by be with me so that anything happen, I can rush back. I also purposely drive to KL for work because of in case anything happen. 

Btw, I have walkie dokie today! Teehee. Looks very yeng. I feel myself like standing beside YongHwa which is my idol, singer in Korea. Hahahah! This is stupid :P

Leaving hotel at around 6pm and went to visit my grandmother. Thanks to the cousins and my family member. They understand me that I must be tired and asked me to back home earlier to take rest. Thankyou :) After that, we went to Kuchai Lama Food Court to solve our dinner's problem. Then went home and sleeep!

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