Monday, June 25, 2012

| 25062012 | * Tiring Day.

Hi day, woke up at around 130pm. Get ready and wait AiSha to pick me up and went to Cheras Gold Goh Perfect Point make-up. Her cousin's make-up learning centre to let her try to set up suitable hairstyle for me because the coming Saturday is ze make up competition and I'm the model.  first time, hohoho

After all done, its around 7pm and back to Sha's house and she sent me back to mua house. Then I took shower and rush to WenHao's house and give her brother mua hard disc to copy movies for me because I am freaking bored while on calling. Broadband cannot support PPS and I dont have movie to watch. And also, everyone is sleeping at that hours and nobody will chat with me. Ahhh bored. Thanks WenHao, thanks to your brother too :)

Then, rush to hospital and pass notebook for mua sixta and copy ze movies to her notebook also. Because mua mum can watch there also, she love Hong Kong drama. After that then, rush back to mua grandmother house and continue on call, how tired. 

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